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Limited Edition Giclée Prints On Canvas

Original Artwork created using a combination of pencil,
ink, marker, paint, and 
digital editing

The prints are sold as ready-to-hang, framed pieces of art. The framing and matting of the prints are carefully chosen by the artist to enhance the image and complete the work. Some images may have more than one size, framing or glass option. Or if you prefer to frame your own, a print only option is available as well. Please see each print's page for details. 
To Hang
Dragonfly Studios provides limited edition giclée prints, which means only a small number of high-quality prints will be made available for each piece of artwork, and therefore makes them more valuable. Each print is numbered within the edition, signed by the artist and stamped with the
studio's "dragonfly" calligraphy
symbol. A certificate of authenticity and replacement value is included
as well.
Limited Edition
A giclée print is an extremely high-quality, high-resolution inkjet print used for fine art reproductions. Utilizing archival inks, colors are
fine-tuned to match all the tonalities,
hues and fine detail of the original art work. The print is made onto various substrates including canvas, fine art and photo-based paper, and is commonly found in museums
and art /
 photographic galleries. 
What Is

All materials used are acid-free. The artwork is printed on fine-weave canvas, UV protected, and treated
with an 
abrasion-resistant water-proof coating to further protect the artwork. A semi-gloss finish is also applied to simulate the sheen of
Japanese silk.

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